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Everyone wants to have a good routine and more importantly, all of us want to follow our routine and not to lag behind. It is easy to chart out a routine, note it down in a fancy diary, buy a aesthetic planner and show it off on Instagram, but it’s simply difficult to follow that well laid routine.

So, here are a few things you need to know if you planning to stick to a routine.


A habit is something that you do frequently and more often. In a habit, there are list of things that you like to do/have to do on a regular basis.

On the other hand, a routine is a group of things that you do one after the other. In a daily routine, you make a list of habits that you do daily and work hard to check off all those items on the list.

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Completing the things: When you have a routine, it becomes easy for you to complete the things. Why? Because there’s a list in front of you, you can clearly see you targets and you have made plans. At the end of the day, if your list is not completely checked off, you will sit and think, that what’s the reason behind this incomplete work. Once you start your day with the ambition to complete the to do list, you will start working in that direction. Although it will not be a cakewalk, but once you are used to it & you make it a way of your living, you will enjoy the process.

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Stress Buster: When you have a plan, you know that you have to work it out. Your brain knows that yes, these are the tasks that i have to do. It’s a pleasant thing to have your whole day laid down in front of you. After making a routine, your brain has no stress. Its knows what to do. So, routine = peaceful mind.

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You are your own boss: When you have made the routine and you know what to do, then you are the boss of the day. You already know what is going to happen and you have command over your actions. And having command your actions helps in avoiding procrastination.

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Time to relax: When your day is planned and you know what is coming ahead, your efficiency increases. When your routine becomes your habit, you automatically save time and get sufficient time for your hobbies and leisure.

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Self Satisfaction: When, at the end you finish your routine, there is a huge sense of satisfaction that yes, i have achieved my daily targets and next day. you are charged with more motivation and enthusiasm.

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Success: The best part of following a routine religiously is “success”. Make your targets clear and realistic. Prioritize your work and make your to do list that leads you to your destination. You can make your routine revolving around your daily targets.


  1. What is the need of routine?
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Why do you actually need a routine? Why do you feel that you need to follow a routine. The answer to this question is the motivation behind your daily targets and why you actually want to follow a routine.

2. Write it down:

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Write it down. Whatever is making you feel to follow a routine, just write it down. Keeping your targets in front of your eyes will keep you motivated to fulfill them.

3. List your items:

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List out your items on your to do list. Ask yourself “why” you want those tasks and you will automatically fall in the line of motivation.

4. Track the time:

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A routine helps you track your time. If you follow your routine religiously, it will keep you on track with your goals and save your time.

5. Plan a day before:

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To avoid last minute rush, always try to plan your routine a day before. By doing so, you already know what your upcoming day includes and in this way, planning becomes efficient and reaches the execution level.

6. Be rewarding to yourself:

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So, when you finally start becoming consistent with your routine, you need to reward yourself. This reward can be adjusted according to what you like. It can be your favorite food, favorite movie, favorite cafe, favorite outdoor location or a whole day off just in your bed and reading your favorite novel. It can be anything that you want.

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The conclusion is that: to get the full benefits of a routine, you, first of all have to be loyal with yourself, with your routine. Only then you will be able to get the fruitful benefits of a study plan/study routine.

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