How to Make a Pen Stand With Paper Step by Step | DIY Pen Stand with Video Tutorial

Hello everyone.

So as the title suggests, this post is about how to make a pen stand with paper step by step.

We will begin with, “what’s the need of a paper pen stand when you can buy it online or from anywhere in the market?” The answer is, “why not a hand made pen stand?” There are a bunch of things to buy, but customized things have their own charm. We all spend a good amount of money when it comes to buying a customized stuff. Apart from this, if you simply love art & craft, cutting, pasting, paper folding, doodling, etc, they why not try this DIY pen stand.

You can make this pen stand with the things that are easily available, most of things will be already in your house.

So, here’s the list of things you will need:

  • Hard paper (options: old magazine, old book cover, cardboard)
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • White sheet ( you can take printed as well)
  • Color sketches/ color pens/ gelly rolls (whatever is available)

If you want to download the TEMPLATE FOR PAPER CUTTING, its given below. You can print it or simply have a look to draw your own.



For video tutorial, CLICK HERE.

With the things mentioned above, i made this pen stand. Images are given below:

DIY Pen stand step by step
How to make a pen holder at home with paper
How to make a pen stand with paper at home
Simple craft work with paper
How to make a pen stand with paper step by step
Handmade pen holder design


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